Welcome to daveho.com!

Sooo…what’s the deal now?

Yes, it’s happened. I’ve given up on trying to run this site with my own software. Not that it wasn’t fun, but the simple fact is if I want to use this site, I need some well-designed and reliable software to use it on.

So I’ve converted daveho.com to use the WordPress platform, which I was already using for the blog portion. This was also a problem in that it was splitting up logins from the main site to the WordPress site (I was going to work on a “master” login, but I am too far pressed to dig into the WP code and do it right).

So now the site is WordPress, and the blog will be center-stage. I will also be adding some bits as well, like a Flickr display page (which I built for the ManWeekend site…don’t get me started on what needs done there!)

For now, enjoy this new look and feel. Sorry again, but folks who were using the RSS feeds from the old site will need new links to the new RSS feed.

– DaveHo

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