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Three is a magic number

So goes the lyric for the classic Schoolhouse Rock episode.  In this case three refers to number-one-son, Sean Daniel:  He turned three this weekend.

Sean is growing both in stature (though he remains thin as a rail despite the number of fish sticks, noodles, and animal crackers he puts away), and in mind.  He’s still “behind the curve” on some measures (language and socialization) but very clever on others (he’s counted as high as 40 with minimal help, and has many of his books committed to memory – one of his favorite activies is reading back auto license plates).

Sean also recently made his dear old dad smile when, through circumstances too circuitous and boring to go into detail here, he learned to sing the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye”, with reasonable pitch and rhythmic accuracy.

*sniff*  That’s ma boy!