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Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…

We went with Ryan.
Maybe it was the little extra time, and we started to second guess what we’d thought was our go-to name for the new boy. We started throwing some new ones around (James, Malcolm), and we finally decided to wait until we saw him. Then we’d get the name.
So when the boy arrived at 4:47PM, after being a week overdue and forced to vacate via induced labor, we took a nice look at him. Then we went with our gut. Ryan it was. The delivery room staff agreed.
Whereas our first boy was a surprise, being a month early, Ryan decided he was to be the obstinate child, duping us into thinking he’d be early like his brother, but instead hanging around until a week past the due date.
The OB set the date to do an induced labor at January 15, and this morning we arrived to begin. There were some hectic moments during labor: The boy’s heart rate was dipping a lot, and the wife’s contractions started to arrive on top of each other. After a close call with a C-section, the boy was ready to come out. We discovered that his umbilical cord was wrapped around him TWICE. He was apparently quite active during his time inside.
Nevertheless, the boy came out, wide-eyed, at a mature 21 inches and 8 lbs 2oz.
Now that he’s got his name, its time for him to meet the world, starting with this big brother!

Click to see some pics of the new boy!