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ADDENDUM: Since I am desperate for content, you are not required to do anything elaborate in order to contribute. Feel free to send webcam recordings or even just audio. I will make do (for specified quantities of “do”).

As part of the ManWeekend Zero project, I want participants to create some video of their reminisces of the past 15 years of ManWeekend!
Included on this page is a “cheat sheet” with a summary of each of the MWs from 2006 onward. The listings have the location, description of the house, the attendees, a few notes on events that happened that year, and some photos. This will (hopefully) jog your memory of the event and allow you to share anything about the event. Obviously if you didn’t attend you don’t have to comment.
Record your commentary to be used in the MW:0 video: You don’t need to edit; simply set up, roll, and speak. You can cut different vids for different years if you wish, depending on how much content you plan to record. If I have even 10 minutes or so from most people (say 12 people) that’s 2 hours of raw material, so don’t feel obliged to provide a pile of material for the sake of material. I’d rather a smaller amount of good stuff than a lot of filler.
The visual I’m looking for is your typical documentary interview setup: Seated, looking to the right (or left) of the camera as if speaking to an interviewer. Set up in a space with an interesting background (in front of bookshelf, decorated wall, outdoors), or if you can set against a blank, uniform-colored wall I can chroma-key a background. Alternatively, if you can’t set up a good video recording, you can do an audio recording of your comments, and I will run it under images in the video.
What you want to record is up to you. You can simply retell incidents from the event, or give insights into your own experience. Don’t try to tailor your stuff to a video: It’s my task to take the pile of raw content and make something from it.
My goal is to have content from as many of us as possible by no later than Sept. 30. You don’t need to wait til then to send – send it off right away so I can start cataloging content. But I need a cutoff to ensure I get things going.
Thanks in advance for your contribution. It’s a shame we were not able to meet this year, and it looks iffy to meet in October as well. But if I can complete MW:0 this fall, then there will be something for this year to view and enjoy!
ManWeekend Zero Event Summaries

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