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The web home of ManWeekend is up and running. With any luck it will grow as a place for fun and as a useful resource for the ManWeekenders. If you haven’t seen it check it out. ManWeekenders: to see your content you need to create an account on (not this blog) in order to see your stuff!

For a quick intro to the ManWeekend, see this entry

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  1. lenmchast says:

    For all you Man-Weekenders,

    For your weekend, I have offered to lend to DaveHo a copy of one of the newest of the great teen comedies of all time for all of you to watch at some point (hopefully; Squiggy said he wants to see it). Gentlemen, for your Man-Weekend, I will present to you: “Superbad”. For those of you who have already seen “Knocked Up”, this is a teen version of that same kind of comedy.
    Trust me (and anyone else who has seen it) you will laugh your butts off to this movie. So, once Dave brings it down there to Man-Weekend, enjoy!!