Yesterday was our 12 week ultrasound, officially ending our first trimester. Now we’ve had a few ultrasounds prior to this one (you’ve seen it), but this one was far different. Now we have something that’s not a shapeless blobby thing, but a little baby-shaped thing. She’s (to avoid using “it” I’ll use “she”, but we still don’t know and won’t know til July) looking more the part and that’s starting to affect me more. And on top of that, we watched her wave to us! Now the baby has leapt from concept to reality in a big way.

I think the whole “parent” thing is starting to occur for me. I’m telling everyone about it. I look at the ultrasound pics all the time. I figured I’d get this way when I became a dad but, geez, the kid’s only four inches long and still in its shipping package. I should be downright annoying when there’s an actual kid to show off!

I always figured when the time came I would be cool about the whole “having kids” thing: I’d smile and chuckle quietly – “heh heh yeah, we’re very proud.” But it looks like I’m falling in line to be a gushing parent.

But you know, I don’t care! Clear the decks for superdad!

See the rare geek offspring in its natural habitat! More ultrasound pics:

See what Baby’s thinking (front page Flash)
Front shot (same as on homepage without the dumbass Flash stuff!)
Side View (shows the youngin’ hard at work building bones and organs and stuff)
We were told it was a nice shot of the face, but we weren’t sure it was something else!
Shot of the legs, You can just make out the toes on the lower foot!

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